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The Movie – Into the Grizzly Maze – by David Hackl.

The construction of the narrative is not perfect, the story is dragged to the extreme in a too articulated pursuit: on the whole I did not really like this film.


The Movie – Gothika – by Mathieu Kassovitz.

Masterful thriller story: few stories manage to keep you glued to the spectator’s chair with suspended breath.
This is one of those films and the acting of the characters is fabulous.


The Movie – The Crazies – by Breck Eisner.

Human madness unleashes fear and fear triggers chaos and destruction.


The Movie – The Mist – by Frank Darabont.

Great horror story for fans of the genre: Stephen King never disappoints.


The Movie – 30 #Day of #Night – by #David #Slade.

A good #vampire movie, ideal for those with a passion for this genre.


The Movie – #Vampires – by #John #Carpenter.

The charm of #90s films lies in their simplicity.


The Movie – The #Hamiltons – by The #Butcher #Brothers.

A different, original, unpredictable #vampire film.
A direct, chilling and ruthless narration.


The Movie – The era of vampires (Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters) – by Wellson Chin.


For fans of the genre vampires, this film is worth seeing, because it offers the narration of a universal legend, that of vampires precisely, from an oriental point of view, where the vampire is above all a zombie sucking life, an evil entity and powerful, which must be defeated with dynamite, because wooden stakes and crucifixes are not needed; furthermore, being wet with water makes the people live invisible to the vampire.

The script is not excellent, but the story deserves.


The Movie Drag Me to Hell – by Sam Raimi.

Revenge can be a devastating curse.

The thirst for revenge can be a devastating curse and being able to escape it becomes a question of survival.
A well-made horror film, from screenplay to photography, to music.

The Movie – Final Destination 2 – By David R. Ellis.

Understanding a drawing, of events stacked between them, which has no end, to try to survive.

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