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The Movie – Grandma’s Reading Glass (1920) – by George Albert Smith.

I use a comparison with literature to describe this mini film: it is a sonnet that praises the tenderness with which childhood observes the world that amazes it at every glance.


The Movie – Prometheus – by Ridley Scott.

For science fiction lovers, director Ridley Scott is always a guarantee of wonderful movies.




The Movie – The Vanishing- by Kristoffer Nyholm.

The images are excellent and the interpretation of actors is perfect, but the rhythm of narration is too slow.




The Movie – #Terminator #Salvation – By #McG.

#Stories that talk about #time #travel always fascinate. The #special #effects do the rest.


The Movie – Funny Games – by Michael Haneke.

Human folly is unpredictable and sometimes being kind to strangers entails only the beginning of an endless nightmare.


The Movie – Death and the Maiden – by Roman Polanski.

The truth is a bolt from the blue, so shocking that the revenge, so desired for the wrong suffered, is not enough to shake the soul of those who have suffered.


The Movie – Match Point – by Woody Allen.

A man has a wife and a lover or many lovers, but the attachment to material wealth will always prevail over everything.
This film should be used as a survival manual by all those women who are waiting to realize their sentimental situation with married or engaged men.
They will never leave the woman who represents the pillar of economic welfare, because their their survival depends from from the economic interest of a long-standing patrimonial situation in the couple and there is no lover or love that can defeat this sad certainty.

Men lie to get what they want, they lie and they do not have remorse: therefore, to love a married man or a fiance man, is equivalent to throwing himself into a dead end, from which to emerge unscathed, it becomes an arduous undertaking.


The Movie – Baby Drive – by Edgar Wright.

Excellent story, excellent screenplay, excellent music.

This is a movie that you will not forget for the narrative force it possesses, with the natural rhythm with which the action runs, stunning racing in cars, adrenaline, the use of vinyl records and audio cassettes and old voice recorder of the 1980s style give rise to nostalgia for better times gone by; brilliant shots with a beautifully colored photograph. is just amazing.

Ansel Elgort is an actor who crosses the screen with his acting.

For me this is already the most beautiful film of the year.


The Movie – Dunkirk – By Christopher Nolan.

It is difficult to follow the narrative, slow and jumping from one situation to another, with exciting shots, but with bored dialogues: this is an overview of so many small human tragedies within a human catastrophe.
It certainly teaches that war is a human situation without rationality, useless and devastating.


The Movie – Death At a Funeral – By Frank Oz.

The skeletons in the closets of the lives of the people are amazing.

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