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The Opera – 1984 – by Lorin Maazel.

The Opera has a unique, divine beauty; it is as if the art of representation was put into practice by God himself.

The voices of the singers of the Opera caress Heaven, they are strings of art that vibrate in eternity: they are the extraordinary beauty of creation.

In 1984 everything is perfect.

One day I hope to see a lyric opera like this live, right at the Opera House in London: it would be a wonderful dream come true.


The Movie – Exodus: Gods and Kings – By Ridley Scott.

Greed for power leads to the downfall of any civilization and want to enslave the peoples leads to the destruction of the tyrants who do.

An empire built on the evil of arrogance, suggested by wealth, has no future and that should give pause to all the heads of state of the world.

Every nation on earth has to live as a free people.

We are all children of God.

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