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The Movie – Solaris (2002) – By Steven Soderbergh.

A touching story that teaches us that mistakes made in our sentimental life have consequences and when this happens everyone would want to have a second chance to go back and be able to do the right thing.

The Movie – Up in the air – By Jason Reitman.

The coldness of heart is typical of women: those who also does not have a cold heart, but warm love for life and does not want to suffer the illusion, well… it’s a lonely heart that stay on his own.

The Movie – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – By George Clooney.

I’m not surprised that a person can have a double life: make people laugh from the big screen, killing her undercover halfway around the world.

The duality is part of human nature.

I think we should be afraid when a person has multiple personalities out of control and not only two opposing lives, one in daylight and the other hidden.


The Movie – One fine day – By Michael Hoffman.

Falling in love is a complex process because it takes time for its evolution, but it is also easy because you only need a day spent together and mix your daily lives, to light the spark in the heart.

Falling in love is precisely the desire of both to spend time together, naturally.


The Movie – The Descendants – By Alexander Payne.

Being deceived by someone you love kills your soul.


The Movie – The American – By Anton Corbijn.

The only way to make the journey to a new life is to leave the past behind, well hidden in the darkness.


The Movie – Money Monster – By Jodie Foster.

Sudden loss of money a company has never due to chance, the economic crisis or a failure, but apparently depends on the dirty game of vertices, who steal to do other business.

A CEO of a company does not commit a fraud alone, but always has accomplices; but cheat, steal, ruining the lives of decent people, because the rich have greed for money, made on the skin of the poor, this always has consequences.

When rich people do harm to poor people, this evil Free always has consequences for those who do evil: the Universe is watching.

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