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The Book – Short story of two friends forever (Breve storia di due amiche per sempre) – by #Francesca #Del #Rosso.

A man’s betrayal can kill the soul of the woman who loves him; to move on despite having such a stab in the heart is very hard, everyday life itself requires to go ahead.
A beautiful story and above all well written.
I am sorry that the author has disappeared so young: she was really a good writer and surely, if cancer had not killed her, she would have written many other high beautiful stories.


The Book – #Wondy (or how to become a #superhero to #recover from #cancer) – By Francesca Del Rosso.

How much tenacity, how much strength, how much joy of life.

After reading the book by Alessandro Milan, Wondy’s husband, I could not help reading Wondy’s book.

I was surprised and fascinated by a woman so combative and energetic, who reacted decisively, faced with a ruthless disease, she fought to the last, against a faceless enemy called cancer.

Wondy always looked at the glass half full and always cared about the happiness of the people he loved.

An exceptional woman.


The Book – Mi vivi dentro (You live inside me) – by Alessandro Milan.

There are few books that scratch and roar like tigers while you’re reading them: this is a tiger book, an angry tiger, because the resilience roars, the pain scratches.

Words written with the ink of pain on pages illuminated by the joy of living of the beloved wife.

I already know that one day, I will reread it again.

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