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The Movie – Le fate ignoranti (The ignorant fairies) – by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Love is a light in the heart, which can make life bright like a star.
Two people deeply in love, whose souls are fused together and understand each other in silence without uttering words, because they speak looking at each other in the eyes, they can never lie to each other, because they can read each other’s soul, like open books.


The Movie – Funny Games – by Michael Haneke.

Human folly is unpredictable and sometimes being kind to strangers entails only the beginning of an endless nightmare.


The Movie – Death and the Maiden – by Roman Polanski.

The truth is a bolt from the blue, so shocking that the revenge, so desired for the wrong suffered, is not enough to shake the soul of those who have suffered.


The Movie – Dunkirk – By Christopher Nolan.

It is difficult to follow the narrative, slow and jumping from one situation to another, with exciting shots, but with bored dialogues: this is an overview of so many small human tragedies within a human catastrophe.
It certainly teaches that war is a human situation without rationality, useless and devastating.


The Movie – The piano – by Jane Campion.

Loving means letting go of the person that you love, so that he can happily live his life.
And yet never happens, possessions and rivalries always take the lead in everyday life.
So love becomes a nightmare.

The Book – Collection of Sand – By Italo Calvino.

A travel diary: the exhibitions and museums in Paris, the fantastic world of Calvino, Japan, Mexico, Iran and, of course, the human soul.


The Movie – The Ghost Writer – By Roman Polanski.

To work and in private life is difficult to really understand what people we can trust.
In addition comes a time when we can no longer trust anyone to preserve our very existence.


The Movie – In solitary – By Christophe Offenstein.

A man who defies the sea, riding the waves on a sailboat, is a man who is master of his destiny, whose strength is the passion for life’s challenges.

A man from the heart of a lion, but a good heart, capable of loving with great intensity, which extends far beyond the borders of the Ocean.


The Movie – Philomena – By Stephen Frears.

This film teaches that the practice of a specific religion is by no means a guarantee of justice, honesty and sincerity.
Follow your heart and be persistent and determined as a journalist, it is the only way to reach the fulfillment of our lives and get what belongs to us by right.

The Movie – Babel – By Alejandro González Iñárritu.

The world is big, but it is delimited in precise boundaries: any actions committed by you has an impact on the life of someone else halfway around the world.

Today in this land you are angels; tomorrow, your work and your kindness, on the other side of the world, can be a bloodbath.

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