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The Movie – #Solo: A #Star #Wars Story – by #Ron #Howard.

Once you’ve seen the first #Star #Wars movie, you inevitably love all the films in this saga.
This chapter too is full of special effects, but above all it conveys that joy, the thrill that one tries to imagine traveling in the Universe, meeting new races and visiting fascinating planets.
In short… the beauty of the #galactic journey.


The Movie – Invasion of the Body Snatchers – by Philip Kaufman.

A film without special digital effects highlights the beauty of the narrative and the skill of the actors.


The Movie – The Congress – by Ari Folman.

Visionary film, but not too far from reality: to continue to live on image alone can lead humanity to total misery and the digital age has killed acting in general.
What I found curious about this film is the character Jeff, owner of the Miramount film company, played by Danny Huston: it reminds me the producer of the film company Miramax, Harvey Weinstein.


The Movie – The Man from Earth – by Richard Schenkman.

The filmmaker was very professional because can keep on the screens the viewers for a story that is not represented by special effects, but simply told by the protagonist, through the memories of his 14,000 years of life.

And I agree with one of the characters (played by one of the many actors who starred in the Star Trek saga) when he says that Star Trek is a healthy science fiction.

And I add that a Star Trek society, where money has not existed for centuries, is the evolution of humanity, and in this, Star Trek creators have always been able to make a difference, they are intelligent and forward-looking.


The Movie – War for the Planet of the Apes – By Matt Reeves.

Violence, destruction and tyranny are distinctive signs of human beings. Animals are peaceful, as always.

Yet violence and hatred, the thirst for vengeance, generate a chain reaction of destructive events that are hard to stop, unless a race is permanently extinct.


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