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The Movie – The Hole – By Nick Hamm – (2001).

The woman in love who are refused by the man who wants to own at all costs, as an exclusive item, is dangerous and threatens to explode like a bomb uncontrolled.

Unfortunately there are many women so crazy and dangerous, and I have known many: practically all the women I’ve known in my life and who have competed with me for a man.

The Movie – Paper Towns – By Jake Schreier.

You can fall in love madly in one night, to plant deep roots in the heart of a boy and no more out.

You communicate with a language so original that only the person madly in love with you can understand.

You have arrived in the Paper Towns.

Enters the imagination and the world of the person that you love and you will understand how emotions can be magical, wonderful and vital to the life of all of us.

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