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The Movie – Paper Towns – By Jake Schreier.

You can fall in love madly in one night, to plant deep roots in the heart of a boy and no more out.

You communicate with a language so original that only the person madly in love with you can understand.

You have arrived in the Paper Towns.

Enters the imagination and the world of the person that you love and you will understand how emotions can be magical, wonderful and vital to the life of all of us.


The Movie – And So It Goes – By Rob Reiner.

Many men prefer to be cold, detached, cynical.
It ‘easy to be so.

The story of this film teaches that it is difficult to love, because love, emotions, allow people who love us to enter into their lives, makes vulneraibili, because we have to be emotional.

Who has a heart, sooner or later, can not help but to ignore it, even when there is believed safe in the loneliness of old age.

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