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The Movie – The Graduate (1967) – by Mike Nichols.

Having achieved certain goals in life it is easy to fall into apnea in a sea of boredom and uncertainty, because one does not know what to do with one’s future.
Braiding a love affair, and becoming the lover of an older and married person, may seem like a good way to spend time and stay suspended.
Living as existential divers, with the oxygen tank on your back, slowing down in physical and thought movements, due to the water of the silent pool that was chosen: idleness.
True love is an existential storm that rips the diving suit and does not ask for permission to do so.


The Movie – The battleship Potëmkin (Bronenose? Potëmkin) – by Sergei M. Eisenstein.

Emotionally strong, to the point that the absence of audio is not a lack, but a natural part of the narration.


The Movie – Una sconfinata giovinezza (A boundless youth) – by Pupi Avati.

The beauty of knowing how to tell a story of love, with frankness, with sweetness.


The Movie – Match Point – by Woody Allen.

A man has a wife and a lover or many lovers, but the attachment to material wealth will always prevail over everything.
This film should be used as a survival manual by all those women who are waiting to realize their sentimental situation with married or engaged men.
They will never leave the woman who represents the pillar of economic welfare, because their their survival depends from from the economic interest of a long-standing patrimonial situation in the couple and there is no lover or love that can defeat this sad certainty.

Men lie to get what they want, they lie and they do not have remorse: therefore, to love a married man or a fiance man, is equivalent to throwing himself into a dead end, from which to emerge unscathed, it becomes an arduous undertaking.


The Movie – The Molly Maguires – by Martin Ritt.

Poverty is a mechanism created to dominant the masses; people work for too low wages to have a profit margin because of the very cost of their job, like miners.
In the end, the exasperation of poverty generates rebellion, but the avidity of money by the poor will prevail, leading the rebels to lost.


The Movie – The Cove – by Louie Psihoyos.

The people of Japan no longer has the honor of other peoples; the Japanese government is sold to the mafia in the name of God Money, Because the greed of money than all of them never ends: slaughter, poison, sell the fake, all for dirty money, lots of dirty money.

And the Japanese people suffer this insult in silence, as if it were composed of rag dolls without brains.

All the Governments of the States of the Earth are composed of cowards sold to the highest bidder for cash, to kill, slaughter and sell poison in the name of Ghost industry That conceals the mafia of dirty money.

The Japanese fishermen that kill dolphins are the saddest example of the human race: human disgusting devious, unscrupulous who kill without remorse Because They want so many easy money.


The Movie – Once upon a Time in America – by Sergio Leone.

A journey through time, which goes through desires, dreams, regrets and harsh realities in which you cannot trust any friend, you cannot trust business partners, you cannot trust who you have always loved and in the end you are alone and suspended in time and in the nostalgia of the memories of a life that did not go exactly as you would have liked.

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