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The Movie – Easy Raider – by Dennis Hopper.

Sublime melody of images and music: desecrating, visionary, surrelae, raw and true.


The Movie – Bonnie and Clyde – by Arthur Penn.

One of the most beautiful films of the sixties: ruthless, violent, raw, true.



The Movie – Breathless (À bout de souffle – 1960) – by Jean-Luc Godard.

Watching this film is like being scratched by the director’s narrative eye.
The rhythm of the film is equivalent to being pulled by the collar of a shirt by a neurotic friend who, while walking beside us, with sudden jolts, demands our attention to his problems.


The Movie – Paisà – by Roberto Rossellini.

The beauty of the narration of real life, in its bare simplicity


The Movie – The Walk – by Robert Zemeckis.

Walking on the wire and chasing a dream, until you realize it by challenging
human limits and looking at death in the face at 417 meters high.

A beautiful film, whose beginning, in black and white with the evidence of
only some colors, is really a touch of narrative elegance.



The Movie – The Shallows – by Jaume Collet-Serra.

Beautiful story with an excellent narrative structure, spectacular shots, full of suspense and twists.


The Movie – Ossessione (Obsession) – by Luchino Visconti.

A real film that delves into the human soul.


The Movie – The Mule – by Clint Eastwood.

The need for money leads people to be what they would not like to be and once they become old, the recklessness of living at the risk of paying a high price is stronger than at twenty.

Clint Eastwood’s interpretation is excellent and divine… as always.

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The Movie – #Aftermath – by #Elliott #Lester.

When a heart breaks with pain, suffering clouds the mind.


The Movie – #Empire #State – by #Dito #Montiel.

Knowing how to narrate human emotions and weaknesses with skill… transforms a story into a good film.

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