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The Movie – War for the Planet of the Apes – By Matt Reeves.

Violence, destruction and tyranny are distinctive signs of human beings. Animals are peaceful, as always.

Yet violence and hatred, the thirst for vengeance, generate a chain reaction of destructive events that are hard to stop, unless a race is permanently extinct.


The Movie – L’exercice de l’Etat – By Pierre Schoeller.

Being a minister requires a great talent in being able to recite, because politics is the great theater of the illusion of the existence of a state made up of people at the service of democracy.

A theater, where nothing is real and everything is made true, right from the false reality of the events of the reforms, the large and illusory changes.


The Movie – American Sniper – By Clint Eastwood.

The war leaves scars incacellabili in the human soul; kill or be killed, this is the only rule of war.

Consciousness can not be indifferent; sooner or later the madness will have the upper hand.

War is a killing machine, for the body, but especially for the spirit.

Violence begets violence; often happens that men understand only the language of violence and arrogance.

Money and power generating destruction, everywhere and without distinction: the war is the son generated from these two demons.

There will come a day on this earth in which there will be no more war, at the cost to remove the money from the face of the Earth?

I hope so: until that day we never forget those who, to save lives, is killed in the war, in enemy territory or at home.

do not forget no man like Chris Kyle: we will always remember you.

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