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The Movie – Hotel Artemis – by Drew Pearce.

Small and big stories intertwine in an elite micro-world of health care for criminals: a Los Angeles of desperation reduced to misery and therefore in revolt is the setting for this extraordinary hotel.

Details: the old tape recorder with which the protagonist listens to the music and the Hollywood writing on the wall of her room are an elegant touch of poetry.

I loved this movie unconditionally from the first three minutes.


The Movie – The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking – by David Twohy.

Well narrated story, with good rhythm and excellent special effects.
I love the science fiction genre.


The Movie – Escape Plan: The Extractors – by John Herzfeld.

An action movie, but I expected more depth from the story.


The Movie – Guardians of the Galaxy – by James Gunn.

They fight, they hate each other, they help to fist fight, they defend each other: soni Also true friends and they are funny characters.

They are excellent guardians, because they are genuine and they are defective, they are not perfect.

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