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The Movie – A Rainy Day in New York – by Woody Allen.

A work of art of human emotion, elegant, romantic and ingenious, like every Woody Allen film.


The Movie – A Simple Favor – by Paul Feig.

The human mind fascinates and frightens, because the human mind is a ruthless machine that only wants to satisfy itself.

And… The style of Emily’s clothes is fabulous.


The Movie – Annie Hall – By Woody Allen.

The couple life, stormy, take and leave, in the busy city of New York.
Annie and Alvy become long-standing friends for the viewer, in generating beautiful and ugly memories, we identify with them, because relationships are irrational, but we can not do without them.

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The Movie – Tutta colpa di Freud (All of Freud’s fault) – by Paolo Genovese.

This is a perfect film in everything, from photography to screenplay, from the skill of the actors to the beauty of the characters; the director tells about love, digging the daily life of the protagonists and exposing their fragility.
The sweet disease of love that affects ordinary people who live their lives in the romantic Rome of today.


The Movie – The Darjeeling Limited – by Wes Anderson.

A spiritual journey on a train in India to reunite the family, but materialism perfectly delineates human nature, even on a journey like this, but the bond between brothers exists and nothing can break it.
The reference to Paul McCartney of the Beatles, with one of the brats always walking barefoot, is bizarre.


The Movie – Sidewalks of New York – by Edward Burns.

Relationships are complicated: every character in this story tries to explain their actions due to their own emotions, but nothing is rational.
A thread of Arianna links these characters, partly interviewed and in part the protagonists of a narration: the only truth she understands is that life is made of decisions to take, even when they do not want to do so, but are forced by events.
Love is complicated by the whims of the heart, body and mind.
Suffering arises from the conflict between these things being put into play and discovered, in relating themselves to other people.


The Movie – Flypaper – by Rob Minkoff.

The deceit of deceiving deception, intertwined with another deceit.
A paradoxical comedy, but fun.


The Movie – The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – by Stephan Elliott.

A story raccontanta with enthusiasm and intelligence, which highlights how in this world is really difficult to simply be themselves.



The Movie – Death At a Funeral – By Frank Oz.

The skeletons in the closets of the lives of the people are amazing.

The Movie – Up in the air – By Jason Reitman.

The coldness of heart is typical of women: those who also does not have a cold heart, but warm love for life and does not want to suffer the illusion, well… it’s a lonely heart that stay on his own.

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