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The Book – Making a good writer great – by Linda Seger.

This book is an enlightening writing manual, capable of dispelling all the doubts of aspiring screenwriters:

you will find, by reading these pages, how to put the ideas of your stories in order and structure them.

For me, every page written by Linda was a source of innovation and clarification for the development of my

creative writing process, both for writing the scripts, but also for writing novels.

“The craft of writing”, through Linda’s technique, becomes clear.



It forms like a shock under the skin: reading a #screenplay and watching the film at the same time, it’s like getting drunk of #narration.

The Movie – Annie Hall – By Woody Allen.

Focusing on every single scene, stopping the film to can read the screenplay and then look at it on the screen; I spent hours to see this film, but it was worth it, because it seems to me to study the film vivisection, as you do with the prose of poems.

Writing screenplays for the cinema is… WOW!

There are no words to describe such a privilege, such an emotion.

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Today a lady told me: “It was nice to see the movie at the cinema with you sitting next to me, because you can see with a different eye. Thank you.”

In cinemas in Italy there is still a half-movie break, which on the one hand I hate, on the other hand I use it to analyze the first part of the film.
The lady sitting next to me, had never entered the cinema in the Duomo, in the center of Milan, which was once a theater.
Place that I prefer to the modern multiplexes, because the atmosphere of the old theater is a good company while watching the film.
At break I pointed out to the lady the change of colors of some clothes and objects worn by the protagonist: usually dark green or blue or blue, all cold shades of water, these objects, like the headband, the coat and the shoes, became red after the protagonist started falling in love or she made love with the amphibious creature,
I pointed out how often, in objects and furniture, blue, dark green and blue came into contrast with red, often identified in a single object.
The lady thanked me, she doubts that in the future she will be able to grasp certain details in the future films she will watch, because she claims that to me it is natural, that I have a third eye with which I watch the film in a different way from a spectator .
She encouraged me to write screenplays, how I feel I must do and she told me:
“Do it, because you are brought.”
I will do it.
The film we saw was “The Shape of Water.”

The Movie – Divergent – By Neil Burger.

A compelling story that makes us reflect on our lives and on the social
system in which we live.
How are we to live to live in the right way? What rules of life we have
to follow? Our? Those of the system? Both? We need to be honest? We have
to break the rules in orderto assert our individuality? Growing up means
to belong to the family, the chosen way of life, or do not belong to
anything, but only to an ideal to follow? We can choose another system of
rules? What is the right choice to make? The name that our parents have
chosen for us is not really our person? We can choose a different one, as
we like, and then evolve in our desire to be ourselves, to change at will
regardless of our origin?
Teaches the protagonist of this film, the young Beatrice Prior, teaching
us not to be afraid to choose and to act, and, above all, never be afraid
to face all the obstacles that life puts us on the path.
It teaches us that an extremist attitude in everything we do is wrong,
because the truth does not reside in a single creed, but in openness to
positive acceptance of life and tolerance, in the universal faith to always
do the right thing in respect of us themselves and of others, without
trampling on anyone.
It teaches an undeniable truth: follow our instinct, because it is the
only one to be always sincere.


The Movie – Walk of Shame – By Steven Brill.

When everything goes wrong you wear a yellow dress and let the destiny distorts your life.
A brilliant comedy that highlights how life, in her bizarre, may give you what you want if you do not give the shot.
A funny story that reminds us how often a woman is judged by her clothing, regardless of its true essence of a woman.

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