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The Book – #Reads like a #novel – By #Daniel #Pennac.

Why do some people have an aversion to reading books?
Daniel Pennac explains it very simply.



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In the early years of my life I was accustomed to living with serenity and spontaneity, because the only rules I had to respect were those of home and, naively, I had never asked myself whether out of my house there were other rules: just I saw something on a shelf and I’d reach across my hand to touch it and pick it up. I had to investigate, hear and record. A child’s curiosity is boundless, maybe that’s why they are all a bit rebels from small, but it is also normal. Life is a gift and I think we are aware of it only at the beginning of our existence, when we live calmly without fuss absurd, abstruse and incomprehensible rules; to burn is a bit like finish thrown into a crowd of people at the market. Our eyes fill colors of clothes of passers-by and we were so taken by the goods on display, that the fact to be there, it invests us like an explosion; so, we do not focus well on the rules that govern that fiber of the universe, we simply enjoy it as long as we can.

From the car window that drove my mother, I saw scroll fields, homes and people like a series of photographs in bright colors. I was kidnapped by the succession of images; memorized landmarks, like a tree or a wall and marveling my own ability to memorize the places I had seen.  Some nights we went out all three together drive: I was sitting behind, my mother was sitting in the passenger seat, next to my father, who was at the wheel. The dark outside enveloped the car like a blanket and I loved lying down on those seats slightly inclined towards the bonnet, too dark as night. The only flashes that lit up the interior of the car were my father’s cigarette Firefly orange and colored dots of the dashboard: from my kennel I saw those colored stars, while my parents who, with their whispering, to reconcile my sleep, enveloped by the rumbling of the motor car, which he had on me the same soporific effect of the wind that howled outside our House.


The Book – The sea and its shore (Il mare e la sua sponda) – by Elizabeth Bishop.

Fresh and poetic writing, which caresses the soul. #The sea and its shore #Elizabeth Bishop #books

Elizabeth Bishop

The semplicity to self-publish a book.

With Amazon selfpublishing it is so easy to create an e-book and paper book, that as a self-made author, you become an expert editor happy with your achievements.


Extract from 4° chapter – The Book – A red and blue swing – By L.A.


Return to normal.

…….Going forward slowly in this oppressive mechanism with which you will harden the heart with the sole purpose of annihilating the child in you, convincing you that childhood is stupid stuff and that adulthood is your only and unavoidable goal, you will wake up one day of your youth, in a life suffered and never really lived, where the only anchor of salvation is the fantasy, that magical third eye that allowed you to see everything under a different light: childhood would make the ugliest place on the face of the Earth, magical and full of wonders. In the immediate adolescence grow involves an awareness and the acquisition of the consciousness of the sad reality that surrounds us, that with brushstrokes, more and more dipped of a dense ash gray, ash cover up to make it disappear completely the beauty of any place, bringing to light , as in an archaeological excavation, the bones of the raw and ruthless essence of life.


The Book – A blue and red swing – By L.A. – My first book in English.

Exciting! A satisfaction.

I wrote it 12 years ago, I did more than five drafts and in all this time has grown, changed, aged.

It’s my story, my first novel and obviously just finished writing it, I was madly in love with it.

I feel lighter: after 12 years, seeing it translated into English and thrown into the web internationally, it allows me with joy to “let it go to its destiny.”

The creation of the cover has amused me a lot and makes me smile the fact that since two days I continue to find glittering stars scattered around the house.

Now… it’s time to write other stories.

The Book – Un’Altalena blu e rossa (A blue and red swing) – By L.A. – My first book was self-published on Amazon.

It makes me strange to see the cover I’ve designed, besides the book I have written, look me from the immense global Amazon online market.

Today I said, “Really I wrote it and now it is available to the world’s public!”

It is written in Italian, therefore does not have much visibility out of the Italy, but the only fact of having it written, rewritten, revised, rewritten and finally published … has something magical, I admit it.

The beauty of writing is exactly this: magic.


Paper edition:



The Movie – Saving Mr. Bank – By John Lee Hancock.

The stories behind the words of a book, are the hidden stories of our lives and in our soul… I know well. 😉

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