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The Book – The girl who reads on the metro – by Christine Féret-Fleury.

A sweet book, whose protagonist, like me, in life has had books as unique and true friends.



The Book – A blue and red swing – By L.A. – Extract of the third chapter.


Out of the nest.

………From that day the school of the nuns became only a memory of the past, one of the many that with the passing of the years slowly drowned in memory; even the austere face of Angina soldier is an opaque reflection on the bottom of the pond of distant memories of my childhood.

It was also the first time I realized that sooner or later, if hope does not abandon us, things can change.


The Book – Mrs. Dalloway – by Virginia Woolf.

The sweetness with which this writer tells her stories is unique; knows how to paint the human soul with precision, intelligence and naturalness.


Publish books on the Amazon platform: simple, enjoyable, and fast.


Instead Amazon’s platform is, in its use and functionality, a disarming simplicity.

I have published both the e-book version and the paper version online, waiting for the request to be processed.

Once you’ve uploaded the correct files, thanks to the previews, you can change it to your liking how many times you want, just fill out the price and distribution fields and the game is done.

I was stunned, even once, by the professionalism and intelligence of the Americans.

They are and remain the numbers one of professionalism.

The Book – Twenty-eight cuts of moon (Ventotto tagli di Luna) – By Giancarlo Repetto.

I find no suitable words to describe the emotion experienced in reading the first collection of tales written by my ex Italian teacher from high school.

These stories fascinate, enter into the soul, scratch the reader’s mind; the sweetness that tells the story of these women is immense.
His writing is elegant and refined.

A book you always bring with you, because you want to read these stories more than once.

I hope to soon see this book translated into other languages.

And I remember as if it was yesterday when Giancarlo Repetto told me one day in class, after reading my theme to my comrades: “You’re good, you should write tales.”

Dear Professor, I have taken his statement seriously and since then I have been writing with consciousness.


The Movie – Night Train To Lisbon – By Bille August.

A book, a fortuitous event, cross your path: you read it, you get lost in the author’s thoughts, do you want to know and then begins a journey.

Within days, your life changes for the better, because it is life is made of an instant.


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