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The Movie – The Walk – by Robert Zemeckis.

Walking on the wire and chasing a dream, until you realize it by challenging
human limits and looking at death in the face at 417 meters high.

A beautiful film, whose beginning, in black and white with the evidence of
only some colors, is really a touch of narrative elegance.



The Movie – Backstabbing for Beginners – by Per Fly.

Power is the worst drug that can destroy the soul of a human being. The fact of playing a role of power often requires becoming a slave to it.


The Movie – Death and the Maiden – by Roman Polanski.

The truth is a bolt from the blue, so shocking that the revenge, so desired for the wrong suffered, is not enough to shake the soul of those who have suffered.


The Movie – Exodus: Gods and Kings – By Ridley Scott.

Greed for power leads to the downfall of any civilization and want to enslave the peoples leads to the destruction of the tyrants who do.

An empire built on the evil of arrogance, suggested by wealth, has no future and that should give pause to all the heads of state of the world.

Every nation on earth has to live as a free people.

We are all children of God.

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