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The Movie – The Great Gatsby – by Baz Luhrmann

A man in love with humble origins who chases a woman of high society married to another man, who betrays her: yet he can not detach himself from such an individual and fate separates with wickedness two people who were perhaps destined to be together.
In the end, men’s lives are made up only of deceptions and women are often victims of them, unwitting victims.
A man like Gatsby must be loved immediately, because a man seriously in love with a woman is the only one who can give her a happy life, a real life.

The Movie – Australia – By Baz Luhrmann.

The greatest magic that humans can do is love, in all its forms.

Yet humans understand it only with the outbreak of a war, when the fate separates, without asking permission, people who love each other and who are made to share the journey of life to the end.

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