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The Movie – In time – By Andrew Niccol.

Said by the finance magnate protagonist of the film:

“For a few immortals to continue to live, the mortals must die.”

The rise in prices, which in the movie pays in time, or minutes, days, years, is a precise maneuver of the financial system to bring the poor to death when it is necessary for the well-being of the rich: the people on whose watch tattooed on the arm, end their gained time thath they erned working or stealing in the ghettos they live in, they die.

Zero time means zero life, as in our world zero money means zero life.

This film is a sharp metaphor of our social system that continues to make people live in hunger, poverty, and hope to live better one day before they die.


The Movie – Red Riding Hood – By Catherine Hardwicke.

If the murderess most feared was the person you love the most?
You forgive him and be like him or you’d kill him for the coldness of justice?

Would you want just do not choose





The Movie – Ted 2 – By Seth MacFarlane.

For all of us it is important to be accepted by the community in which he lives. Friends, those who truly love us, in the most cattle of our journey, are light and guidance to reach the victory of our serenity. The beauty of this film lies not only in its irreverent, ruthless and brilliant comedy, but especially in the ability to enhance Friendship and Love as vital elements of our daily existence.

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