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The Movie – Jumper – by Doug Liman.

Fun and incredible story about space / time and how to control it: to see absolutely.


The Movie – Air Collision – by Liz Adams.

The story could have been good, but the film has too many editing errors.


The Movie – Adrift – by Baltasar Kormákur.

I enjoyed this film for two things: the narration of the courage of an extraordinary woman and the shots of the film.




The Movie – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – by Juan Antonio Bayona.

The Jurassic saga, with his first film, made me fall in love with cinema and its extraordinary narrative beauty.
Every time I go to the cinema to see a new chapter on dinosaurs, I get excited as a child, who sees the world for the first time.
I love #dinosaurs, extraordinary creatures, but I especially love the magic of cinema that brings them back to life on the big screen.



The Book – Mutant Message Down Under.

Author: Marlo Morgan

A pleasant inner journey to discover Themselves walking in the Australian desert and in the desert of soul of the modern world and civil man, trying to get back in touch with the Universe


The Movie – G.I. Joe: Retaliation – By Jon M. Chu.

Deception is the best way to start a war.


The Movie – The Hunger Games – By Gary Ross.

Fight to win, fight like only choice, fighting to the end: and finally win a wrong and unjust fate, change events, change the world, struggling to generate that spark of existential hope that existed in every civilization, has created the difference .


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