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The Movie – The Girl On the Train – by Tate Taylor.

This is one of the best movies of all time: ruthless, cold, shocking.

Having a weak spirit means becoming prey to manipulative and dishonest partners, who exploit us at will. Sentimental relationships, if established with the wrong person, become existential traps that kill the soul.




The Movie – Star Trek Beyond – By Justin Lin.

Imagination in the Star Trek storytelling is sublime: science fiction, the Universe discovery, space travel … all this is just … WOW!

I love Star Trek stories.


The Movie – Ride Along 2 – By Tim Story.

Takes seriously what you like and believe to the end, this helps keep fighting to survive, but laugh heartily and be ironic it helps to really live.


The Movie – Money Monster – By Jodie Foster.

Sudden loss of money a company has never due to chance, the economic crisis or a failure, but apparently depends on the dirty game of vertices, who steal to do other business.

A CEO of a company does not commit a fraud alone, but always has accomplices; but cheat, steal, ruining the lives of decent people, because the rich have greed for money, made on the skin of the poor, this always has consequences.

When rich people do harm to poor people, this evil Free always has consequences for those who do evil: the Universe is watching.

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