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The Movie – The Imitation Game – By Morten Tyldum.

The ability of the individual make a difference in the team; the team can enhance the capabilities of the individual.

Secrecy can win a war, intelligence can end the war.

The different often is the hope for the existence of a future.

Condemn those who are different means to destroy liberty and the right to life of all humanity.

Before judging maligninamente someone, we should make a profound examination of conscience within themselves and within the society that judges without wisdom.

If today I live, like many other Europeans is also thanks to Alan Turing, his strength and his courage, his extraordinary intelligence.

Alan Turing has saved the lives of millions of people; Alan Turing was convicted and driven to suicide because he was homosexual.

The sentencing of Alan Turing is an intolerable human tragedy; an act of injustice and arrogance dictated by human ignorance, is an unforgivable act.

Judge and condemn those who are different not to live, is to condemn ourselves to not live.


The Movie – Magic in the Moonlight – By Woody Allen.

Reason and Magic.

If little lies make people live better … these lies are not evil?

And love is just a lie or a magic spell liar and scammer, which often deceives our heart?

And yet … is perhaps the lie of love that makes us live better?

We all need magic, love and live better with these two enchanting spells, mysterious and necessary.

Once again, on the big screen, the magic of storytelling, the great magic of Woody Allen.

It’s love for cinema.

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