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The Movie – Quantum Apocalypse – by Justin Jones.

I’ve seen better films, but the finish is not bad.


The Movie – Sanctum – By Alister Grierson.

A realistic set that for the duration of the film that puts the anxiety for the fate of the protagonists.
The human struggle for survival is incredible.


The Movie – Buried – by Rodrigo Cortés.

Finding that you are trapped and doing everything to try to survive: in this story it becomes clear that, in some cases, owning a cell phone, with a full battery, can become a factor of vital importance.

Being able to entertain the viewer for the duration of the film, whose story takes place entirely in a coffin buried underground, is a praiseworthy narrative ability. Congratulations to the director, this film is brilliant.


The Movie – The Ghost Writer – By Roman Polanski.

To work and in private life is difficult to really understand what people we can trust.
In addition comes a time when we can no longer trust anyone to preserve our very existence.

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