Does The Korean dictator changes his mind?


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Before he does the Lion King, saying that he will erase the US from the face of the Earth, then, on the day when the whole world waited for his madness in actions, the dictator portrays, saying he waits for the US moves.

Casually yesterday China issued sanctions against North Korea, sanctions that the US has asked the ONU.

Apparently the US has made their moves and the Korean dictator, touched in the country’s wallet (Beijing’s sanctions on imports, with their blockage, cause a huge loss of gain to the damages to North Korean State) has already pulled the ropes in the boat.

Does he takes the madness to launch nuclear missiles directly on the US to resume?

I believe so and The Korean dictator is likely to expect some other economic outburst to North Korean State, before declaring open war.

New York New York: Italian Art rediscovering American – at Museum 900 in Milan – Italy.


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I visited the New York New York Exhibition at the Museum of the Twentieth Century in Milan: there are not many works exhibited and if I have to say it all, many I did not like it.
I learned to photograph what captures my soul and not to photograph it all.
However, I would recommend visiting it: it is a piece of history that Italian artists have left in memory of New York.

Instagram Writetablewords account includes photographs of other exposed works.


The heritage of our civilization for posterity? The Social Network ‘selfie.


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Ancient civilizations have left considerable wealth in their existence:

The Egyptians and Maya have left the pyramids
The Romans have left roads and aqueducts.
The Greeks have left the temples.

What will leave our civilization to posterity?
Obviously a collection of selfies on social networks!

Have we reached the end of our civilization?


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In Kenya, clashes after the elections; in America, clashes after the elections.
in Venezuela, clashes after the elections; in North Korea they are crazy because they play nuclear missiles. Mafia emanates wherever, because there are crises of money and employment crises. Governments no longer manage the anger of the poor. Prostitution, drug, theft, human trafficking and murders have become primary jobs

Maybe… maybe… our civilization has reached the saturation of madness?

Someone once told me, after analyzing humanity as a whole: “At this point a war is needed.”

I do not think a war is a solution: greater awareness of the value of life should be a solution.