The Antarctic.


What hides under the ice? Lost cities? Ancient civilizations never discovered before? Atlantis? With the technology that humanity possesses today… I think we know very well what’s down, but they prefer not to say it.

The scientists who discovered what is hidden under the ice, perhaps, even they were not ready to know what was hiding there.

If the Antarctic ice will continue to melt... we’ll soon know what’s down there.


​Fall in love must be magic. 


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Let go in each other’s arms, lulled by the time spent together, without hurry.

Listening the swirling of the waves, like being on an offshore boat, forgetting the world.

To fall in love so… I have not yet done.

And I wonder how it should be to feel loved like that.

Someone recently asked me: “What idea did you make of us men?”


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My thoughts about this coincide with this song by Alanisse Morisette: in essence until now I have not attended a man worthy of being loved.

Maybe I met him, but I did not spend time with him: if that is the right one, I hope that him to come back on my path and that we can spend time together, but differently, for now, a good opinion of men that I hang out with until now, I can not have it.

The black friday. 


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I would like the companies to realize that the Black Friday super promotion could be a genius strategy to fuel consumerism only if... people had a job and a salary well above the current standard since it was introduced to the euro coin.

People are devoid of money for decades.

Wake up, big business minds.

Strange dreams.



To dream of one of my ex, the one I loved most, that in the past I asked him to marry me, who in the dream… is who asks me to marry!

Such an abnormal request I struggled to wake up from the dream makes me astonished.

And in my dream I kept believing that he was joking: I know him well, he is not a type that he likes to marry in his life.

Yet he said he was not joking.

In the dream, he was wearing, not me, he, for the wedding, a pair of boots with high heels…

This detail… should I worry about?

How boring: Psychological Testing, Psychological Warfare Testimony…


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…Psychological Mirror War, in order to evaluate capacity, reliability and potentiality to exploit a human being.

Monotone theater of psychological warfare: they all seem to be puppets with broken wires.