The Movie – A casa tutti bene (At home everyone is fine) – by Gabriele Muccino.


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I do not follow much Italian cinematography, because I often do not get excited, I always prefer to opt for foreign films.

In this case I was happy with the film I saw.

Biting, ruthless, sincere: the director gives a picture of a normal family, with all the problems of married and divorced couples, with and without children, with all the classic mental couple saws, which destroy old and new loves.

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The Movie – Fresa y chocolate (Strawberry and chocolate) – by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea.


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This story is sweet, tender and adorable, like the actors who played it. The beauty of life lies in the extraordinary people we meet and to whom we love, overcoming people’s prejudices.

The most difficult thing for a director is to paint the temper of the characters through the image and the dialogues: in this film the director has succeeded in this to perfection.

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Aging together requires courage.


Because it is a way of loving immensely.

​The song of solitude.


Being single for 12 years like me as it means listening to a few noises in your home: now keeps me company only the ticking of the drops of water of a jacket not centrifuged in the washing machine, hanging on the clothesline.

And in less than an hour silence reigns again.

From experiences in romantic relationships, those that ended well, those that ended badly, those that never started, those that were better not to start at all, I learned that


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To love seriously it takes courage, it takes a lot of liver and knowing how to express love with eroticism is an art that I know in a few, in fact it is for a select few, because to understand the love expressed in eroticism and know how to transmit it, one must have intelligence.

To have sex, a simple fuck, everyone is capable. To scratch the soul with sex… few can do it and know what consequences of passion generates between two people who make love.

And at this point that making love becomes a drug, a necessity to be together and being accomplices as old friends becomes an unforgettable feeling.

Reliability in the “unconditional love” industry.


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Animals are reliable.

People are not trustworthy.

Real people, genuine, who have heart and mind in this area are reliable, but real people are an endangered breed.

To come to no longer believe in love is sad, but sometimes it is inevitable.


A disappointment, two disappointments, three disappointments and then you get tired: every time you give another opportunity and you find yourself betrayed.

Every time you hope it is forever and then they get tired even those who wanted to grow old with you. They are all looking for sexual novelty, for the volcanic relationship, for what they did not want to discover in bed with their partner because they did not have courage to ask.

They all complicate life with extra relationships and then cry when those who loved them seriously get tired and take off.

How can one believe in love in an age like this where everyone is fickle and constantly dissatisfied every day for everything that they live?

Having a sentimental relationship is just a matter of will. 


My friend is right, telling me that it is easy to have a relationship:

“It’s simple.”

Just want it.

Continue to be afraid to give it a try, be afraid of a refusal, but why are you afraid?

Live in first person a woman or a man that you like; otherwise you’ll never know how it would have been if…

If you go ahead eating Coca-Cola and fries…


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It means that the lack of affection has exceeded the alert level, because the emotional emptiness is becoming a chasm.

Studying gives you the basics to walk on your legs and enrich your mind, but graduation alone is not enough: the difference in success makes it the vocation and the ability to dare and above all the luck of being in the right place at the right time and in the historical and social context correct for what you are doing.


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Mark Zuckerberg: he left the University in his second year of studies to follow his Facebook work project. He became a millionaire and a successful person in his field.

Steven Spielberg abandons the University in 1968 to follow the profession of director: he became a millionaire and a successful person in his field.
I know many lauerate people in Milan: they are all unemployed.

What steps have I missed?