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The #Screenplay – #Annie Hall – By Woody Allen.

The construction of dialogues and scenes is brilliant, clearly transmits the mood of the characters.
The story recounts in detail the memories of a couple’s life, between highs and lows, a flowing narrative that never bores; at the end of the script I was disappointed that the story had come to an end, because I was fond of the characters, as if they were old friends.

#Woody #Allen is a genius.

The Screenplay – American Beauty – The Movie by Sam Burke.

This is the first screenplay I read and read it in English.

The emotion tried to follow step by step the screenplay, as the movie film went on … there are no words to describe it: pure magic.

It was like looking at the heart of someone who wrote it: find out how the movie was filmed by reading step by step the scenes written on paper.

Turning a movie is really a titanic work, all from those scenes, imagined as a movie by the same writer.

I feel euphoric, enlightened and grateful, as if I had discovered the source of eternal youth.

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