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The Book – Making a good writer great – by Linda Seger.

This book is an enlightening writing manual, capable of dispelling all the doubts of aspiring screenwriters:

you will find, by reading these pages, how to put the ideas of your stories in order and structure them.

For me, every page written by Linda was a source of innovation and clarification for the development of my

creative writing process, both for writing the scripts, but also for writing novels.

“The craft of writing”, through Linda’s technique, becomes clear.



The Book – Two million kisses – by Alessandro Milan.

I read this book just released in September: pages full of sweetness, like the first book written by the author “You live inside me”.


The Book – Last letters of Jacopo Ortis – by Ugo Foscolo.

Letters written by a heart in love, heartbroken and killed by lost love.

Ugo Foscolo


The Book – Mysteries, crimes and unusual stories of Milan – by Paolo Sciortino.

Particular, interesting book, which reveals many curiosities of the city of Milan and its past.

Paolo Sciortino


The Book – The sign of the four – By Arthur Conan Doyle.

A story of treasures, deceptions and mysteries: it keeps the reader glued from the first to the last page.



The Book – You listening to me (Tu che mi ascolti) – by #Alberto #Bevilacqua.

Pages full of infinite #sweetness.

Tu che mi ascolti - Alberto Bevilacqua


The Book – #Political #Councils (#Consigli #politici) – by #Plutarco.

Every word written by Plutarco is a #pearl of #wisdom.


The Book – #Marriage #philosophy (#Filosofia del #matrimonio) – by #Plutarco.

The #balance of a couple depends on the mutual #respect of the two people who are part of it.


The Book – The serenity of mind (La serenità d’animo) – by #Plutarco.

To appreciate what one has, instead of wasting time and energy in desiring what one does not have.


The Book – About love (Sull’amore) – by #Plutarco.

Sincere, healthy and serene love warms the heart, like a sun, which will bring to light, in your eyes, only beautiful people.


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