L.A. Author

I’m L.A.

“Writing I like, but it’s not just that that drives me to write with awareness.
Writing means telling stories and this is what really interests me.
I started University at age 38, graduating in letters, because I like to deepen this profession and I love literature since I discovered it.
Writing stories is a job?
I do not know.
In Italy it is not a job with which you can live; abroad … I do not know.
In my work experience regarding credit recovery, working for a Swedish company, I found that foreigners are much more professional and serious than the Italians.
Probably also in the “Telling Stories” field will be this way.
I’m currently looking for a translator in Milan who translates my first novel written in English 12 years ago in English.
I have asked several translation agencies in the city, but the translation of the literary texts does not seem to have a bussiness: which is the job of editor houses?
It should be, but of course without friends in Italy you do not conctact to a publishing house.
So at this point I have not been able to translate my romance yet.

What would I like to do in life?
Well, write scripts for cinema, because I think it’s the way to tell more beautiful and sublime stories that existe.



3 thoughts on “L.A. Author”

  1. youngandtwenty said:

    I hope that dream comes true!

  2. katdesigndiary said:

    Just came across your blog, such inspiring quotes. As a designer, I need the curiosity and passion to build something new what I haven’t done before. Thanks Lucy, loved reading your blog. Keep inspiring.

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