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The Book – Stories – by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann.

An elegant and refined narration.



The Movie – Stagecoach (1939) – John Ford.

A work of art by master John Ford.
And I don’t add anything else.



The Movie – Piranha 3DD – by John Gulager.

I hate preconceived prejudices and opinions from others, so I have to watch a movie and then I have my own idea about it.
This film is a grotesque story, full of annoying and blatant sexual references; at times the story becomes ridiculous, but with the firm intention of making it ridiculous on the part of the director. In many action scenes it is surreal and paradoxical to the extreme.
Yet despite all of this, the way in which the actor/character David Hasselhoff/Mitch Buchannon is made fun of in history… made me laugh a lot and in this detail I see a touch of irreverent micro-geniality of irnoy on the part of the director.

The Movie – Easy Raider – by Dennis Hopper.

Sublime melody of images and music: desecrating, visionary, surrelae, raw and true.


The Movie – A good Marriage – by Peter Askin.

Humans have an extraordinary ability: they can live multiple lives simultaneously and accumulate an infinite amount of secrets.

This film is an exciting and fascinating thriller story, like every Stephen King story.


The Movie – A Fistful of Dynamite – (Giù la testa = Down the head) – by Sergio Leone.

An explosive mixture of irony, friendly deceptions, real life, history, shades of political thoughts and humanity.


The Movie – Once Upon a Time in the West – by Sergio Leone.

The beauty of the West, the progress that comes with the construction of the railway, the little stories and the broken and reconquered dreams of the protagonists, revenge, life, death … in short, a brilliant eye that tells a constantly evolving microworld, under the relentless passage of time, John Ford’s tribute to Monument Valley.
It is known that a Sergio Leone film is still cinematographic poetry.


The Movie – The Colossus of Rhodes – by Sergio Leone.

War and love, irony and history: a wonderful film, whose discordant note, in my opinion, is the costumes, because they do not look like clothes from a bygone era. The actors appear to be wearing fake, low-quality theatrical clothes such as cheap carnival costumes.


The Movie – Life of an American Fireman (1903) – By Edwin S. Porter.

A small film jewel from 1903.


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