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The Amazon series – Person of Interest – by David Semel.

Of all the TV series I’ve seen, this is the most brilliant, ingenious.

And from the moment I look at it, I can no longer look at a cell phone or a video camera… without having the anxiety of being spied on by Big Brother. 🤣



The Amazon series – Vikings – by Michael Hirst.

A masterful narrative, I immediately loved this TV series, with attention to detail, ruthless and raw in the fight and revenge scenes.

The scene is fantastic, I remember a scene of dialogue between the lone protagonist and the old man of the famous Sergio Leone film.
I also appreciated the Chanson de Roland memory with its French character of the same name.

The emotional depth of the characters is the fire that feeds this television series.

I still have many seasons to watch, but so far I have to admit that the director’s prowess is sublime.




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