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The Movie – Into the Grizzly Maze – by David Hackl.

The construction of the narrative is not perfect, the story is dragged to the extreme in a too articulated pursuit: on the whole I did not really like this film.


The Movie – Gothika – by Mathieu Kassovitz.

Masterful thriller story: few stories manage to keep you glued to the spectator’s chair with suspended breath.
This is one of those films and the acting of the characters is fabulous.


The Book – Goodbye, Columbus – by Philip Roth.

The sharp style that probes the human soul: I especially love this author,

in addition to the smoothness of the written pages.


The Movie – Jumanji: The Next Level – by Jake Kasdan.

The beauty of fantasy.


The Movie – Star Wars: Episodio IX – The Rise of Skywalker – by J.J. Abrams.

I love this saga: it is a source of happiness, of life and keeps hope alive in everything.


The Book – Stories of the old wood (Storie del bosco antico) – by Mauro Corona.

Sad stories, some sweet, but others are really sad stories.

This author is good, but I don’t like him.


The Movie – The battleship Potëmkin (Bronenose? Potëmkin) – by Sergei M. Eisenstein.

Emotionally strong, to the point that the absence of audio is not a lack, but a natural part of the narration.


The Movie – The Great Train Robbery – by Edwin S. Porter.

Nice short film.


The Movie – A Rainy Day in New York – by Woody Allen.

A work of art of human emotion, elegant, romantic and ingenious, like every Woody Allen film.


The Book – Heike starts breathing again (Heike riprende a respirare) – by Helga Schneider.

The extraordinary ability to paint human emotions, with simplicity and pungent realism, is the characteristic of this wonderful author.

War destroys nations, cities, exterminates peoples, divides families, changes people, but can never bend the will to live of those who love life.

The world seen through the eyes of a child abandoned by all, who does not lose hope, who lives intensely, who survives like everyone else and fights against an evil stepmother and eventually escapes in search of herself.

A child who just wants to be loved and protected, as it should be, will see her desires realized, because the universe has the extraordinary ability to heal the hearts and existences sent to pieces by the selfishness of adults.


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