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The Book – #Political #Councils (#Consigli #politici) – by #Plutarco.

Every word written by Plutarco is a #pearl of #wisdom.


The Book – #Marriage #philosophy (#Filosofia del #matrimonio) – by #Plutarco.

The #balance of a couple depends on the mutual #respect of the two people who are part of it.


The Movie – Cell – by Tod Williams.

#Stephen #King’s stories are a guarantee, even when the narrative of the film is slow.


The Movie – #Unstoppable – by #Tony #Scott.

Inspired by the train crash of the #CSX #8888, in the U.S. state of #Ohio, this #thriller deserves to be seen: a genuine narrative, full of action, an exciting story that highlights how human determination and teamwork are fundamental to face situations.


The Movie – World War Z – by Marc Forster.

A pleasant film, script and masterly interpretations, compelling story.
It makes us reflect on the fact that humanity is a very weak society, which can end up in the grip of global #chaos in a moment.


The Movie – The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking – by David Twohy.

Well narrated story, with good rhythm and excellent special effects.
I love the science fiction genre.


The Movie – Automata – by Gabe Ibáñez.

This film makes one think: the robots suddenly evolve, become aware of being existing and change their life, rebel to be independent.


The Movie – The Lost City of Z – by James Gray.

If you strongly believe in something you are looking for, if you imagine you find it, sooner or later in life, you will find it indeed.


The Movie – Prometheus – by Ridley Scott.

For science fiction lovers, director Ridley Scott is always a guarantee of wonderful movies.




The Movie – #Empire #State – by #Dito #Montiel.

Knowing how to narrate human emotions and weaknesses with skill… transforms a story into a good film.

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