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The Book – #Rabbit, Run – by #John #Updike.

Story of a normal person who runs away from the monotony of a normal life.
Human emotions are shown with ruthless coldness and impeccable authenticity.


The Book – The last line of fairy tales (L’ultima riga delle favole) – by Massimo #Gramellini.

Sweet and fanciful story about love.



The Book – Short story of two friends forever (Breve storia di due amiche per sempre) – by #Francesca #Del #Rosso.

A man’s betrayal can kill the soul of the woman who loves him; to move on despite having such a stab in the heart is very hard, everyday life itself requires to go ahead.
A beautiful story and above all well written.
I am sorry that the author has disappeared so young: she was really a good writer and surely, if cancer had not killed her, she would have written many other high beautiful stories.



The Book – Vita Nova – by #Dante #Alighieri.

Prose and poetry to let the world know the immense love felt by the author, Italian literary genius, for Beatrice.



The Movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home – by Jon Watts.

Extraordinary action film that highlights how easy it is, with the use of technology, to tell false truths and spread lies in order to create conflicts.


The Movie – Escape Plan: The Extractors – by John Herzfeld.

An action movie, but I expected more depth from the story.


The Book – I’m Matteo Salvini – by Chiara Giannini.

It saddens me when I read his sarcastic posts on social media about his resolutions on immigration problems, because the situations of those in difficulty must never become the object of ridicule.
Having said this…
At the end of the reading it is understood why people like it: it is a normal person, defined good-hearted by friends, also too good-hearted, who with his linear, simple way of doing, responds to everyone’s problems because he listens to everyone and puts passion in everything he does.
Three of the answers given to the journalist, author of the book that interviewed him, heartened me, in the sense that they highlighted Salvini’s professionalism:
“Do you read many books?”
“I used to read more first. Now I read two or three a year, but I admit that if it weren’t for traveling by plane I would have very little time. Also, as a Minister of the Interior there is always a new dossier to read. An informative report on which to concentrate. If they were a literary genre, I think I could say that I was one of the most profound connoisseurs. Do you know that I have never studied so much in my life?
Really. At school, I managed with minimal effort, maximum synthesis, average result. I was a champion of vertical reading, quick reading, what’s his name… Now, no, I read everything. From the beginning to the end, because when it comes to security, you can’t improvise. “
“What is the thing you love most?”
“The thing in the world that I love the most, the one without which so much is worth continuing all this spectacle of sunrises, sunsets, races, chases, worries, smiles, victories, defeats, planes to take from the fly, squares full, feverish expectations, responsibility huge, difficult decisions, handshakes, selfies, controversies, Nutella, front pages, dossiers, inquiries … “
“Yes, what makes sense of this?”
“The passion. I explain myself, even if it is not easy because we are talking about something that cannot be touched, that is not measured with the thermometer, but I try the same. For me, passion means a precise thought that, fortunately, since I was very young it accompanies me in everything I do, giving me confirmation that I am always on my way. It emerges clearly, from time to time. It is a simple thought. It is as simple as the trail are sign that are painted in the forest to trace the paths, to convey us. I wouldn’t want to be here “now.” It is not entirely conscious, as if it formed itself independently within me. And do you often know when it shows up? Not only when maybe I’m talking to a beautiful square full of so many people, that it’s easy to be happy there. No. Or better not only. Most of the time it surprises me when I’m attending a difficult meeting on complex subjects, or when I’m listening to the problems of those who enter my office for hours and hours and hours. And, of course, like everyone else, I too get tired, maybe it drops me attention, I risk being distracted. Here it is often in those moments, not exactly the most striking in the life of a politician, that that voice makes its way into me and tells me: “I wouldn’t want to be here. Now.” And it’s really true.”

The Book – Television radio journalism – by Giuseppe Mazzei.

A useful book for everyone, because it clarifies the code and the dynamics of radio, television and film language.


The Movie – Quantum Apocalypse – by Justin Jones.

I’ve seen better films, but the finish is not bad.

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