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The Movie – The Darkest Minds – by Jennifer Yuh.

This film in its first part teaches a terrible truth: in the society in which we live, where bullies and delinquents rule, the exercise of deception becomes the only way to survive.
At the end of the film you remember that, if you are not part of the community of ordinary humans, well… you have to be yourself, but to stay hidden and watch the world in silence, helping those who are weaker than you, but leaving no trace.


The Movie – The Meg – by Jon Turteltaub.

To see only for special effects.
As for the screenplay, it is not brilliant, the dialogues are limping and without salience.


The Movie – Backstabbing for Beginners – by Per Fly.

Power is the worst drug that can destroy the soul of a human being. The fact of playing a role of power often requires becoming a slave to it.


The Movie – Come un gatto in tangenziale (Like a cat in the ring road) – by Riccardo Milani.

I have never laughed so much in watching a film, a story so typically Italian whose characters, especially some, seem to be just taken from our everyday life.


The Movie – Skyscraper – by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

I love the films played by #Dwayne #Johnson, because I like the action and the tenacity in dealing with impossible actions.
A film to watch for fans of the genre.

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