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The Movie – The great silence (Die grosse Stille) – by Philip Gröning.

Superb movie.
The beauty of the silence told with the simplicity of the images.


The Movie – The Road – by John Hillcoat.

I always suspected that the human race was disturbing.

After seeing this film, I had confirmation that the human race is disturbing.


The Movie – The Hamiltons – by The Butcher Brothers.

A different, original, unpredictable vampire film.
A direct, chilling and ruthless narration.


The Movie – Hairspray – by Adam Shankman.

I love this movie! A hymn to the different, to the beauty of breaking down the barriers.


The Movie – The Hurricane Heist – by Rob Cohen.

Action films to watch for lovers of the genre.

I go to see these films because they reflect the beauty of #American thinking: Americans think big, whether it’s robberies, natural disasters, personal battles.

I adore them for this.


The Movie – Mortel Transfert – by Jean-Jacques Beineix.

Cynical, ruthless, surreal, comic.

The Book – #Wondy (or how to become a #superhero to #recover from #cancer) – By Francesca Del Rosso.

How much tenacity, how much strength, how much joy of life.

After reading the book by Alessandro Milan, Wondy’s husband, I could not help reading Wondy’s book.

I was surprised and fascinated by a woman so combative and energetic, who reacted decisively, faced with a ruthless disease, she fought to the last, against a faceless enemy called cancer.

Wondy always looked at the glass half full and always cared about the happiness of the people he loved.

An exceptional woman.

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