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The Movie – 211 – by York Alec Shackleton.

In this film we often perceive a mechanical acting.
The story is good, but too constructed with studied acting, I do not perceive emotionality, I found some static scene, as if to act were puppets and not people.
A film with faded colors, to then reach the final with more accented colors, to underline the life change of character played by Nicola Cage and other people around him, now retired and become grandfather, despite the ugly adventure of the robbery, which involved him and his son in law.
At the end, the only change of dress of this character, from the policeman’s uniform to the sporty jogging suit, was more than enough to highlight the change in the life of characters.
I will be boring, but the details make the difference.


The Book – Mi vivi dentro (You live inside me) – by Alessandro Milan.

There are few books that scratch and roar like tigers while you’re reading them: this is a tiger book, an angry tiger, because the resilience roars, the pain scratches.

Words written with the ink of pain on pages illuminated by the joy of living of the beloved wife.

I already know that one day, I will reread it again.

#MiViviDentro #Wondy #AlessandroMilan #resilienza #FrancescaDelRosso



The Movie – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – by Juan Antonio Bayona.

The Jurassic saga, with his first film, made me fall in love with cinema and its extraordinary narrative beauty.
Every time I go to the cinema to see a new chapter on dinosaurs, I get excited as a child, who sees the world for the first time.
I love #dinosaurs, extraordinary creatures, but I especially love the magic of cinema that brings them back to life on the big screen.




The Movie – #Solo: A #Star #Wars Story – by #Ron #Howard.

Once you’ve seen the first #Star #Wars movie, you inevitably love all the films in this saga.
This chapter too is full of special effects, but above all it conveys that joy, the thrill that one tries to imagine traveling in the Universe, meeting new races and visiting fascinating planets.
In short… the beauty of the #galactic journey.

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