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The book – The #Human #Stain – by #Philip #Roth.

I read this book many years ago.
Beautiful, because the writing is ruthless, irreverent, genuine, but above all alive, pulsating like a heart.
Roth’s ability to analyze the human soul is unique; the psychology of the characters is painted with harsh clarity.
A narrator who knows how to take the reader by the hand and leads him into the darkness of the human mind, without affectation, those delicate, burning but inevitable topics that are an integral part of the daily life of human beings, which feed the fears of our time, which is the juice of the madness of our time, but also of all human history.
I am very sorry that this writer has never obtained the #Nobel #Prize, because I consider him an author really worthy of receiving the Nobel Prize for literature, because he wrote without fear, he wrote without masks and this ability is a talent that few have.


The Book – #Hinduism and #Buddhism – By #Coomaraswamy Ananda K.

#Illuminating book
“You are the one”: the key words to understand #existence itself.

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