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The Book – #Reads like a #novel – By #Daniel #Pennac.

Why do some people have an aversion to reading books?
Daniel Pennac explains it very simply.


The Book – #Owl do cry – By #Janet #Frame.

Reading this book is like reading a #soul painted on #paper with #words.

#Fears, #disappointments, #desires: the #spirit has poured into these pages.
Life expressed in its ruthless reality, enveloped in #clouds of #dreams.


The Movie – Black Panther – By Ryan Coogler.

The eternal struggle between good and evil and a hidden city where a more evolved people live hidden in the eyes of humanity.
Excellent special effects, the story is good, on the whole it is a film that in life you will want to see other times because we all dream of a people that can save #humanity from its current abyss.


The Movie – The Post – By Steven Spielberg.

I watched the film at the cinema in the original language.
The strength of the characters, their determination to go to the end of their actions because it is the right thing to do.
You admire them and you would like to be strong like them.


The Movie – Vertical Limit – By Martin Campbell.

Fine shooting, not bad special effects, but the story is not excellent.
A challenge of human limits brought to the excess, not told well, because even the #characters are diaphanous, lacking in thickness.


The Movie – Sanctum – By Alister Grierson.

A realistic set that for the duration of the film that puts the anxiety for the fate of the protagonists.
The human struggle for survival is incredible.


The Movie – Holy Smoke – By Jane Campion.

When love hits the heart like a bolt from the blue, passion creates a storm of fire, out of control.



The Book – An Angel at My Table – By #Janet #Frame.

An intense life of emotions, experienced by a woman with a sensitive heart and a great talent for #writing.
In this world being sensitive often becomes a negative stain of diversity.
Yet the #imagination should be respected and treated as sacred, because it is the #lifeblood of the #spirit.

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