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The Movie – Downsizing – by Alexander Payne.

A brilliant story that highlights all the sadness of humanity: that humans are small or big, in fact their mind remains weak and the social wounds are always the same.


The Movie – The Cell (2000) – by Tarsem Singh.

Visionary narrative of a female detective who, in order to find an assassin, must enter him mind and him delirium.


The Book – Mrs. Dalloway – by Virginia Woolf.

The sweetness with which this writer tells her stories is unique; knows how to paint the human soul with precision, intelligence and naturalness.



The Movie – Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – by Larry Charles.

Hilarious, wonderful and irreverent.
The leading actor was fantastic.
The simple story of a man, told with irony and genuineness.


The Movie – 13 – by Géla Babluani.

Where you earn so much money, inevitably, you play and dance with death.


The Movie – The era of vampires (Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters) – by Wellson Chin.


For fans of the genre vampires, this film is worth seeing, because it offers the narration of a universal legend, that of vampires precisely, from an oriental point of view, where the vampire is above all a zombie sucking life, an evil entity and powerful, which must be defeated with dynamite, because wooden stakes and crucifixes are not needed; furthermore, being wet with water makes the people live invisible to the vampire.

The script is not excellent, but the story deserves.


The Movie – Frailty – by Bill Paxton.

If there is a truth for every event that happens in the life of all of us, what is this truth?

The only one who knows the truth is God.


The Movie – Crash – by Paul Haggis.

People’s lives intertwine, they often become entangled, and being able to see and analyze clearly a situation becomes very difficult.
Life is a journey, where we can be spectators or protagonists of stories; not knowing what role we will have to interpret every day, we try to do our best for a better life for all and leave in the heart of those we meet a good memory.


The Movie – Funny Games – by Michael Haneke.

Human folly is unpredictable and sometimes being kind to strangers entails only the beginning of an endless nightmare.


The Movie – Lost in translation – by Sofia Coppola.

Falling in love is as sweet as it is bitter, it is inevitably the lifeblood.

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