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The Movie – 10,000 BC – by Roland Emmerich.

How many stories of humanity’s past have not been handed down to us and whose existence is unknown to us?
Man’s life is made up of battles, revolutions and changes, often necessary to unmask false gods who enslave the weakest people.


The Movie – Bun Hings Shin (The Red Shoes) – by Kim Yong-gyun.

Cursed objects that cross the weather bringing with them the anger of spirits eager for revenge.
The photography of the film is sublime, but the narration could be better.


The Movie – Flatliners – by Niels Arden Oplev.

What is hidden behind death? What really happens when we die? Above all what awaits us after death and what can it come back to pick us up if, for once, we manage to escape the death?

Film with a script and photograph worthy of note; even the music is good.


The Movie – Death and the Maiden – by Roman Polanski.

The truth is a bolt from the blue, so shocking that the revenge, so desired for the wrong suffered, is not enough to shake the soul of those who have suffered.


The Movie – Drag Me to Hell – by Sam Raimi.

Revenge can be a devastating curse.

The thirst for revenge can be a devastating curse and being able to escape it becomes a question of survival.
A well-made horror film, from screenplay to photography, to music.


The Movie – Una sconfinata giovinezza (A boundless youth) – by Pupi Avati.

The beauty of knowing how to tell a story of love, with frankness, with sweetness.


The Movie – Invasion of the Body Snatchers – by Philip Kaufman.

A film without special digital effects highlights the beauty of the narrative and the skill of the actors.


The Movie – The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004) – by Peter Winther.

Guarding ancient secrets, objects that have made the history of humanity and whose magic is hidden in the eyes of the world, living hidden for a greater good, without taking merit: then becoming a librarian becomes a work of adventure out of time and eternal fight between good and evil.


The Movie – Buried – by Rodrigo Cortés.

Finding that you are trapped and doing everything to try to survive: in this story it becomes clear that, in some cases, owning a cell phone, with a full battery, can become a factor of vital importance.

Being able to entertain the viewer for the duration of the film, whose story takes place entirely in a coffin buried underground, is a praiseworthy narrative ability. Congratulations to the director, this film is brilliant.


The Movie – Tutta colpa di Freud (All of Freud’s fault) – by Paolo Genovese.

This is a perfect film in everything, from photography to screenplay, from the skill of the actors to the beauty of the characters; the director tells about love, digging the daily life of the protagonists and exposing their fragility.
The sweet disease of love that affects ordinary people who live their lives in the romantic Rome of today.

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