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​Self Publishing: follow the advice of Amazon.

This American self-publishing site is made up of professional and intelligent people.

When creating the e-book, follow the step-by-step tips: no index is needed, no white pages are needed between one chapter and another.

If after the e-book online publication you notice it from the Kindle Store that is not a perfect view of the book, correct the file and reload it.

It’s so simple and enjoyable self-publishing on Amazon that writing books becomes a concrete, tangible thing and personal satisfaction.

The Book – Un’Altalena blu e rossa (A blue and red swing) – By L.A. – My first book was self-published on Amazon.

It makes me strange to see the cover I’ve designed, besides the book I have written, look me from the immense global Amazon online market.

Today I said, “Really I wrote it and now it is available to the world’s public!”

It is written in Italian, therefore does not have much visibility out of the Italy, but the only fact of having it written, rewritten, revised, rewritten and finally published … has something magical, I admit it.

The beauty of writing is exactly this: magic.


Paper edition:



The Movie – Marrakech Express – by Gabriele Salvatores.

True friendship is a feeling that knows no bounds of time and place. Friendship is forever and it does not ask for anything in return.


The Movie – Beyond the Hills (Dupa dealuri) – by Cristian Mungiu.

Religion must be an intimate spiritual exercise; since it becomes a public spiritual exercise and run by a group of people, it becomes a tool through which the human being manifests his madness, causing harm to people’s lives, to cause death, in some cases.
A meaningless death, which has no justification.



The Movie – Cowboys and Aliens – by Jon Favreau.

Aliens are studying us, they look continuously, even in unimaginable historical ages.
On horseback against a flying object: funny.
Present, past, future, planet earth and other planets, human civilizations and remote places: everything intersects this everyday, when you least expect it.

Publish books on the Amazon platform: simple, enjoyable, and fast.


Instead Amazon’s platform is, in its use and functionality, a disarming simplicity.

I have published both the e-book version and the paper version online, waiting for the request to be processed.

Once you’ve uploaded the correct files, thanks to the previews, you can change it to your liking how many times you want, just fill out the price and distribution fields and the game is done.

I was stunned, even once, by the professionalism and intelligence of the Americans.

They are and remain the numbers one of professionalism.

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