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​How thrilling I am to see that Americans, as well as other people from all over the world, read my articles.

I always have the hope that before I die, I will be able to move to the United States and work writing scripts.

Hope is the last to die, but also the first to tease you.

Cursed desires of human origin!

And damnation! I love cinema and tell stories with movies is divine!

​Writing is a game of mirrors. 

Reality and imagination blend, like colors in a paint, to tell a story. Although there are traces and impressions of the writer, it is only a story about fantasy.


The Movie – Everything, Everything – by Stella Meghie.

Whoever says he loves us maybe really keep us in prison. The only way to discover the truth is to dare.


The Movie – The Darjeeling Limited – by Wes Anderson.

A spiritual journey on a train in India to reunite the family, but materialism perfectly delineates human nature, even on a journey like this, but the bond between brothers exists and nothing can break it.
The reference to Paul McCartney of the Beatles, with one of the brats always walking barefoot, is bizarre.


The Movie – 15 minutes – by John Herzfeld.

In America, the kill makes famous and millionaires, and so the madness of two crazy people is unleashed, breaking the lives of innocent people.


The Movie – The Molly Maguires – by Martin Ritt.

Poverty is a mechanism created to dominant the masses; people work for too low wages to have a profit margin because of the very cost of their job, like miners.
In the end, the exasperation of poverty generates rebellion, but the avidity of money by the poor will prevail, leading the rebels to lost.

The Book – Twenty-eight cuts of moon (Ventotto tagli di Luna) – By Giancarlo Repetto.

I find no suitable words to describe the emotion experienced in reading the first collection of tales written by my ex Italian teacher from high school.

These stories fascinate, enter into the soul, scratch the reader’s mind; the sweetness that tells the story of these women is immense.
His writing is elegant and refined.

A book you always bring with you, because you want to read these stories more than once.

I hope to soon see this book translated into other languages.

And I remember as if it was yesterday when Giancarlo Repetto told me one day in class, after reading my theme to my comrades: “You’re good, you should write tales.”

Dear Professor, I have taken his statement seriously and since then I have been writing with consciousness.

The Television Series – The 4400 – By Scott Peters, Vincent Misiano, Nick Copus, Leslie Libman, Colin Bucksey, Nick Gomez, Morgan Beggs, Allison Liddi.

I love this fiction because her story has the ability to put you in endless minds of existential questions that you have never thought of before.



The Movie – Mad Max – By George Miller (II).

Film colors, noteable music; story’s narrative could be better.



The Movie – The Hitman’s Bodyguard – by Patrick Hughes.

Shooting, humor, action.
A fascinating and winning story.
Great music, divine dialogues, lovely narration.


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