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The Movie – Baby Drive – by Edgar Wright.

Excellent story, excellent screenplay, excellent music.

This is a movie that you will not forget for the narrative force it possesses, with the natural rhythm with which the action runs, stunning racing in cars, adrenaline, the use of vinyl records and audio cassettes and old voice recorder of the 1980s style give rise to nostalgia for better times gone by; brilliant shots with a beautifully colored photograph. is just amazing.

Ansel Elgort is an actor who crosses the screen with his acting.

For me this is already the most beautiful film of the year.


The Movie – Dunkirk – By Christopher Nolan.

It is difficult to follow the narrative, slow and jumping from one situation to another, with exciting shots, but with bored dialogues: this is an overview of so many small human tragedies within a human catastrophe.
It certainly teaches that war is a human situation without rationality, useless and devastating.


The Movie – 28 Weeks Later – by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

In this film, human beings are transformed into vampires that become fierce and kill other humans.
Then who should guarantee the safety of humans, loses control and the virus begins to reap other victims.

In short, a total chaos, wrapped up by violence, murders and anarchy: sorry but I do not seem so different from the modern world… or not?

The music that accompanies the film is excellent.


The Movie – The Man from Earth – by Richard Schenkman.

The filmmaker was very professional because can keep on the screens the viewers for a story that is not represented by special effects, but simply told by the protagonist, through the memories of his 14,000 years of life.

And I agree with one of the characters (played by one of the many actors who starred in the Star Trek saga) when he says that Star Trek is a healthy science fiction.

And I add that a Star Trek society, where money has not existed for centuries, is the evolution of humanity, and in this, Star Trek creators have always been able to make a difference, they are intelligent and forward-looking.

The Movie – I Robot – by Alex Proyas.

One thing is certain: if an artificial intelligence take the command of earth and replace humans, for sure the planet earth would not be polluted.

The morale of this story? Anyone can be replaced, no one is indispensable and even machines lie.


The book – The Great Portrait – by Dino Buzzati.

Replace yourself with God to create life for the sole purpose of not losing the loved one, so science and technology become the work of evil and the only way to remedy is to kill the creature.


The Movie – Despicable Me 3 – by Pierre Coffin.

Simply entertaining!
Condemnation of the 1980s as “antiquated style” is a bad swoop to those who still live on the wave of fashion of those years: bad judgment!

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