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In the pool, sitting in the water, we talk about the fact that there are few people present; The Spanish woman argues that people do not go out and do not go to public places because they are afraid. Then he tells me his story.

“I booked a flight to Barcelona but I did not book Milan – Barcelona, ​​I booked a Barcelona – Milan ticket. My friend in Barcelona, ​​pretended to be me, to cancel the ticket and make me a refund. I often go to Barcelona, ​​but this year because of the wrong ticket, I can only stay four days in Barcelona: too few for me, so I decided not to leave. It was a fate I was not in the Ramblas when the attack came, because I had planned to go there.”

I did not ask her name and maybe I will never meet her again. But his tale was an important lesson. Each of us has a destiny and if our life is in danger, but it is not our time to die, a superior force intervenes to allow us to continue our journey.