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The Movie – Alien: Covenant – by Ridley Scott.


The human race tries to colonize new worlds, but other species give battle for dominance: robotic species and monstrous species. The trust that humans have in the people, always ends up tricking their future prospects.

Not bad as science fiction films, for saga fans, of course.


The Movie – Uss Indianapolis: Men of Courage – by Mario Van Peebles.

Hope is the last to die: and if he dies seriously?
If in front of you there are no solutions to an atrocious death that gets victims every minute around you?
The screams of sailors are devoured by sharks: suddenly a shout in the waves, everywhere: it’s a crazy situation, survive it is a real miracle.
I think that in such a situation every day of his life, he is walking in front of his eyes like the film of a movie: remorse, regrets, missed opportunities, situations never resolved.
And the fear of dying eaten by a predator becomes an obsession.

A story enters you, scratches your soul until it bleeds, only if history is talked about with mastery.
The script is excellent: congratulations to the director, this film is a masterpiece. Absolutely to see.


The Movie – Before I fall – by Ry Russo-Young.

To relive the same day many times, to know the events that will happen and to understand the relational dynamics of the people we love: it’s a great dream.
If you could do this, you should try to make that day ever better, like a light in the lives of people we meet.


The Movie – War for the Planet of the Apes – By Matt Reeves.

Violence, destruction and tyranny are distinctive signs of human beings. Animals are peaceful, as always.

Yet violence and hatred, the thirst for vengeance, generate a chain reaction of destructive events that are hard to stop, unless a race is permanently extinct.



The Movie – Transformer: The Last Knight – By Michael Bay.

History: fight without giving up, until the end, until you sacrifice yourself in an attempt to understand, through the past, the story of today.

The film: why take for granted that special effects can remedy a slow and unclear narrative and impossible dialogues?

Why is not the quality of storytelling anymore?


The Movie – 2:22 – By Paul Currie.

Destiny can already be written, but this story teaches that the fate of each one of us can be changed to the best, according to our desires and passions.

The book – The Order of Time – by Carlo Rovelli.

Absolutely to read: the author tells the time as you never thought about it before.


The Movie – The Mummy – by Alex Kurtzman.

Evil fascinates and any story that tells the bad, though overloaded with special effects, can fascinate the spectator: always.

The only sad note is that every new movie always has recalls to famous characters of classical books: I wonder why it’s so hard to invent completely new stories?

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