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The Movie – A Beautiful Mind – By Ron Howard.

Being brilliant and crazy at the same time is not a disease.

Sometimes only the trust of the people who love us can make us reach the end of our lives because they blindly believe in us, despite all of our defects and do not judge us.


The Movie – Solaris (2002) – By Steven Soderbergh.

A touching story that teaches us that mistakes made in our sentimental life have consequences and when this happens everyone would want to have a second chance to go back and be able to do the right thing.


The Movie – The Maze Runner – By Wes Ball.

Imprisoned in a labyrinth without a way out, the only hope to escape becomes the rush to meet the same death.


The Movie – I Am legend – By Francis Lawrence.

What would you do if you were the last human on earth?


The Movie – Finale destination 3 – By James Wong.

If death chases you, trying to escape it until to the last it’s definitely the best thing to do.


The Movie – In time – By Andrew Niccol.

Said by the finance magnate protagonist of the film:

“For a few immortals to continue to live, the mortals must die.”

The rise in prices, which in the movie pays in time, or minutes, days, years, is a precise maneuver of the financial system to bring the poor to death when it is necessary for the well-being of the rich: the people on whose watch tattooed on the arm, end their gained time thath they erned working or stealing in the ghettos they live in, they die.

Zero time means zero life, as in our world zero money means zero life.

This film is a sharp metaphor of our social system that continues to make people live in hunger, poverty, and hope to live better one day before they die.

The Book – The Castle of crossed destinies – By Italo Calvino.

Everyone wants to tell their story, but in a castle of people who can not speak, tarot cards take the place of the words and their little antique paintings tell the stories of the diners with an original and refined narrative.

The Book – L’addio – By Antonio Moresco. (The farewell – By Antonio Moresco).

If we find out that when we are alive we are actually dead and when we are dead we are alive?
If evil and good are the same thing, but viewed from two different horizons?
What comes first: death and then life or vice versa, or is it just an uncontrollable succession?
The protagonist fights these questions in trying to defeat evil, even though evil grows constantly, confusing his mind in both cities: the city of the living and the city of the dead.



The Movie – The Watch – by Akiva Schaffer.

Who really is your neighbor?


The Movie – They live – by John Carpenter.

The reality is really what we see, or everything is covered by a veil of lies to make us slaves of tyrants?

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