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The Movie – Penguins of Madagascar – By Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell.

The members of a real family are honest with each other, protect each other, accept each other as they are and are loyal to themselves and family members in any situation and always efficient.

Kowalski: Analysis!


The Movie – Destiny Turns on the Radio – By Jack Baran.

If in this world things do not go as you would like… simply change world.


The Movie – Blade Runner (1982) – By Ridley Scott.

Now I doubt … and even if we are to just replicants, only simply robots?

The Book – Women to love too much – By Robin Norwood.

A wise guide useful to avoid unhealthy relationships; an illumination to awaken conscience and give space to own intelligence, in order to improve themselves and improve own existential life and a possible life together, moving towards a healthy relationship.

Thanks Robin Norwood: your words are been a light in my life.

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