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The Movie – Death At a Funeral – By Frank Oz.

The skeletons in the closets of the lives of the people are amazing.

The Book – The lost army of Cambyses – By Paul Sussman.

A fascinating story, rich in surprises and charm of the old Egypt, a story told with passion and intelligence.


The Book – The Soul’s Code In Search of Character and Calling – By James Hillman.

Understand themselves is critical to understand our role in the world in this life. You You all must to find your Daimon, understand it, understand it and leave it free to express themselves through the journey of your life.



The Movie – The Ghost Writer – By Roman Polanski.

To work and in private life is difficult to really understand what people we can trust.
In addition comes a time when we can no longer trust anyone to preserve our very existence.


The Movie – Cloverfiled -By Matt Reeves.

Hand-held camera is not a smart way to tell a movie.

The Movie – Event Horizon – By Paul W.S. Anderson.

Lying just to reach prorpio goal, sacrificing an entire crew with the lie of science, when in fact the absolute power has blinded the mind of a man just wants to dominate everything in the Universe.


The Movie – 2012 – By Roland Emmerich.

Human values life only when the destruction is imminent.
And who governs the world, even in the face of rebellion of a planet, continues undaunted to prioritize and value only to those who have large amounts of money: in this lies the ignorance of our civilization.


The Movie – Disctrict 9 – By Neill Blomkamp.

Money is such a wicked tool to make life a hell for anyone living on earth, both human and alien.


The Movie – Despicable Me 2 – By Pierre Coffin.

Simply … I love the Minions!


The Movie – Despicable Me – By Pierre Coffin.

Be bad to defend against an evil world and then try to make it better: evolution of feelings?

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