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The Movie – In solitary – By Christophe Offenstein.

A man who defies the sea, riding the waves on a sailboat, is a man who is master of his destiny, whose strength is the passion for life’s challenges.

A man from the heart of a lion, but a good heart, capable of loving with great intensity, which extends far beyond the borders of the Ocean.


The Movie – Lord of the Flies – By Harry Hook.

The absence of a social system based on rules to be respected creates anarchy; the fear of the individual, which grows as fear of a group of people, breeds violence and disorder: in this situation the murderous madness becomes a rule.

The book – The Sacred week that changed the face of the world – By Marc Augè.

A civilized world is a world where religions have no effect on the human psyche.

Science must be the spiritual disciplines to follow; this is the only way humans can evolve.

The story of this book I hope it is the beginning of a bright future for human civilization, where obscurantism of religion will died and his madness.


The Book – Lord of the Flies, By William Golding.

The absence of a system of rules that
must be followed involves anarchy; in
this situation the arrogance of those
who want to excel begets violence and



The Movie – The Cove – by Louie Psihoyos.

The people of Japan no longer has the honor of other peoples; the Japanese government is sold to the mafia in the name of God Money, Because the greed of money than all of them never ends: slaughter, poison, sell the fake, all for dirty money, lots of dirty money.

And the Japanese people suffer this insult in silence, as if it were composed of rag dolls without brains.

All the Governments of the States of the Earth are composed of cowards sold to the highest bidder for cash, to kill, slaughter and sell poison in the name of Ghost industry That conceals the mafia of dirty money.

The Japanese fishermen that kill dolphins are the saddest example of the human race: human disgusting devious, unscrupulous who kill without remorse Because They want so many easy money.

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