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The Movie – Up in the air – By Jason Reitman.

The coldness of heart is typical of women: those who also does not have a cold heart, but warm love for life and does not want to suffer the illusion, well… it’s a lonely heart that stay on his own.

The Movie – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – By George Clooney.

I’m not surprised that a person can have a double life: make people laugh from the big screen, killing her undercover halfway around the world.

The duality is part of human nature.

I think we should be afraid when a person has multiple personalities out of control and not only two opposing lives, one in daylight and the other hidden.


The Movie – The Hole – By Nick Hamm – (2001).

The woman in love who are refused by the man who wants to own at all costs, as an exclusive item, is dangerous and threatens to explode like a bomb uncontrolled.


The Movie – The Hole – By Joe Dante – (2009).

Confront and defeat our fears is the only way to stay alive.



The Movie – L’exercice de l’Etat – By Pierre Schoeller.

Being a minister requires a great talent in being able to recite, because politics is the great theater of the illusion of the existence of a state made up of people at the service of democracy.

A theater, where nothing is real and everything is made true, right from the false reality of the events of the reforms, the large and illusory changes.


The Movie – The day after – By Nicholas Meyer.

“People are crazy, but not crazy at this point,” so says one of the film’s protagonists, but if I think of the follies of ISIS… I am afraid there is no limit to nothing, not even to the serious risk of nuclear war.

Just a false or incorrect communication sent in a fax, e-mail, a call and someone presses the fateful red button and … goodbye humanity.

Consider disturbing: this film does reflect a lot about the stupidity of human life marked by money, misery, poverty and madness without limits.


The Movie – Vai e vem – By João César Monteiro.

Ruthlessly criticize religion and God, to talk about sex openly, live as real people: all this is the sublime narration of brilliant intelligence of director João César Monteiro.

The fact that this film exists only in the original portuguese language makes it charming and unique, because it gives a genuine vitality.

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